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Monday, October 17, 2011

Punk Goes Pop 4

The next Punk goes Pop album is due in November. A year after the third Punk goes Pop album and the 10 compliation in the Punk goes series. The series was created by fearless records and features artists from the label doing covers of other genres or time-periods. The series has gone on to sell over 650,000 albums and over 3 million singles in just over a decade. On the 22nd of November Punk goes pop 4 will be release featuring the following tracks:

1. Allstar Weekend - "Yeah 3X" (originally recorded by Chris Brown)
2. A Skylit Drive - "Love The Way You Lie" (originally recorded by Eminem feat Rihanna)
3. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - "We R Who We R" (originally recorded by Ke$ha)
4. For All Those Sleeping - "You Belong With Me" (originally recorded by Taylor Swift)
5. Go Radio - "Rolling In The Deep" (originally recorded by Adele)
6. I See Stars - "Till The World Ends" (originally recorded by Britney Spears)
7. Pierce The Veil - "Just The Way You Are" (originally recorded by Bruno Mars)
8. Silverstein - "Runaway" (originally recorded by Kanye West)
9. Sleeping With Sirens - "F**k You" (originally recorded by Cee Lo Green)
10. The Downtown Fiction - "Super Bass" (originally recorded by Nicki Minaj)
11. The Ready Set - "Roll Up" (originally recorded by Wiz Khalifa)
12. Tonight Alive - "Little Lion Man" (originally recorded by Mumford and Sons)
13. Woe, Is Me - "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" (originally recorded by Katy Perry)

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